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Freeman Looking Great as the Hobbit!

Here’s a great new pic just released today from the upcoming Hobbit movie due out next December 2012, it’s a simple picture of Martin Freeman as the Younger Bilbo Baggins and all I can really say is get me the HELL back to Middle Earth as soon a possible! It seems us ‘Rings’ fans are getting exactly what we want, with Peter Jackson completing the story and here seeing how perfect Freeman looks in the role of Bilbo…

In the meantime thought check out these live clips way back from 1990, for this live performance of the Hobbit done by The Children’s Theater Company of Minneapolis MN, Pretty damn bad ass!


More of the Dwarves of The Hobbit!

So here we have a first look at the Dwarves of the Hobbit! I realize that this pic is all over the net right now but really how could I not post it here today? I have to say this makes my day just to know that Peter Jackson is actually making this movie!!! Check these guys out…

Here we are one step closer to journeying back to Middle Earth! I can’t wait…And
in case you missed the reveal yesterday’s dwarves here they are again..


Guillermo Del Toro Leaves The Hobbit!!!! Dammit!!!

What the SHIT!!!! So news is apparrently that Guillermo Del Toro has officially quit The Hobbit!! This has got to be some sort of nightmare that I just can’t seem to wake from! But I assure you that this is the sad truth as he told TheOneRing.net  flat out that he’s just too damn tired of waiting to make this shit happen!! Well guess what? I’m pretty fucking tired of waiting for this shit to happen too!!! Apparently he can’t seem to commit to spending six years in New Zealand as he has been facing a boat load of delays on the project and was only signed on to be there originally for three years. It’s no wonder he split as they don’t even have a god damn Bilbo Baggins cast yet! Ok guys I have been holding back a bit on saying this but seriously….GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER ALREADY!  JEEEZUS! I must say I too have been wondering what the hell these guys have been doing for the last few years myself-I mean really the damn story has already been written-GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!

Anyway this is what he had to say about it: Continue reading

A Date in Middle Earth to Look Forward Too!

So now we all finally have a date to look forward to for the The Hobbit, the highly anticipated sequel (DUH!) to The Lord of the Rings trilogy! Ever since I heard that Guillermo del Toro had been chosen as the director for this 2 part film I have been almost more almost more excited about it it than I was originally about Peter Jackson! Originally the Hobbit was supposed to hit theaters in 2011 but now the new word is that we’re looking at a December 2012 release date. That’s a LONG time to wait isn’t it? What gives? And how come we still have no one attached to play Bilbo Baggins yet??!

At least we know that Ian Mckellan will be reprising his role as Gandalf and rumours are suggesting that filming will begin in June. I don’t want to the rush the guys but it’s going to be a long two years!! Nothing though compared to the amount of time Peter Jackson took to make The Lord of the Rings. With both Jackson and del Toro together behind these two films it’s bound to be worth the wait!

Ok so I know I have posted this song like at least three other times here but any chance I get you can bet I’ll take it!

Tobey Maguire to star as Bilbo Baggins?!

Rumors are flying today as several sources like Cinematical.com and Britain’s The Sun are saying that Tobey Maguire has signed on as the lead in Guillermo del Toro’s The Hobbit!  According to Cinematical.com “AMC Entertainment blogger John Campea recently tweeted that someone close to production has leaked the same news to him. He said, “I have been personally told by a source very close to Guillermo del Toro that it’s true… Tobey Maguire IS The Hobbit.”

Though it’s not offical yet it seems to me that this could be a great choice for Bilbo. Continue reading

Harry Potter as The Hobbit?

Rumors are flying that Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe is up for the role of Bilbo Baggins.  Thank god it’s not Justin Timberlake! From what I read at The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog, he’s one of several actors being considered in Guillermo del Toro’s “Hobbit” to play the lead. James McAvoy (“Wanted”) is also apparently in the running as well.

daniel_radcliffe_99@Hey Potter put some clothes on you’re making Shadowfax nervous!

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The Hunt for Gollum!

I know this has got a pretty big buzz going on around it right now but I decided to post it anyway. I still can’t beleive this was made for only $5,000.00! Can that really be? Anyway I have just started watching it about 10 minutes ago and so far it’s pretty rad! So check this out and let me know what you think of it! I’ll let you know my full opinion after I finish! Man, I cannot WAIT for The Hobbit!! But for now this will just have to suffice!!