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Guillermo Del Toro Leaves The Hobbit!!!! Dammit!!!

What the SHIT!!!! So news is apparrently that Guillermo Del Toro has officially quit The Hobbit!! This has got to be some sort of nightmare that I just can’t seem to wake from! But I assure you that this is the sad truth as he told TheOneRing.net  flat out that he’s just too damn tired of waiting to make this shit happen!! Well guess what? I’m pretty fucking tired of waiting for this shit to happen too!!! Apparently he can’t seem to commit to spending six years in New Zealand as he has been facing a boat load of delays on the project and was only signed on to be there originally for three years. It’s no wonder he split as they don’t even have a god damn Bilbo Baggins cast yet! Ok guys I have been holding back a bit on saying this but seriously….GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER ALREADY!  JEEEZUS! I must say I too have been wondering what the hell these guys have been doing for the last few years myself-I mean really the damn story has already been written-GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!

Anyway this is what he had to say about it: Continue reading


The Hunt for Gollum!

I know this has got a pretty big buzz going on around it right now but I decided to post it anyway. I still can’t beleive this was made for only $5,000.00! Can that really be? Anyway I have just started watching it about 10 minutes ago and so far it’s pretty rad! So check this out and let me know what you think of it! I’ll let you know my full opinion after I finish! Man, I cannot WAIT for The Hobbit!! But for now this will just have to suffice!!