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Real Life Monsters Popping up everywhere! yay!!!

There’s some MORE new real life monster footage that just popped up today and is storming the news! This is fantastic news considering I’m a HUGE fan of monsters! It seems another creature has has shown it’s face recently in Panama. This one looking much different than the supposed recent Chupacabra found dead has been called a “Gollum” like monster as shown in the movie Lord Of The Rings. I will agree it does resemble him quite a bit. This thing is thought to be the legendary “Montauk Monster“.


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The Hunt for Gollum!

I know this has got a pretty big buzz going on around it right now but I decided to post it anyway. I still can’t beleive this was made for only $5,000.00! Can that really be? Anyway I have just started watching it about 10 minutes ago and so far it’s pretty rad! So check this out and let me know what you think of it! I’ll let you know my full opinion after I finish! Man, I cannot WAIT for The Hobbit!! But for now this will just have to suffice!!