Universal Dork is brought to you by me, intergalactic recording artist / universal adventurer Mister Saturday. I’m gonna call shit the way I see it here on planet Earth in the ever changing world of geeky of pop culture whether you like it or not! But hopefully you will like it 😉

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  1. mistersplendiferous2

    Happy Holidays. I came across your page randomly one day. You post great articles and I enjoy checking out new posts on a semi daily basis. Keep up the hard work
    . I’m a big fan. Continued success in 2020 and beyond!

  2. Cultfanatic87

    Hi Peter!!! Hey man love your blog, a lot of killer stuff on here, anyways, I saw that you watched “Strange Tales” (1986) on letterboxd, I was wondering if there is anywhere you can point me to watch it? I’ve been looking for a couple years now, haven’t been able to find a copy of it anywhere, it isn’t on any streaming or video platform and I have not been able to find a VHS copy, the company who distributed it is still existence but doesn’t have anymore copies. I also wouldn’t mind a DVD R copy (I could pay you if you can do this), even if its shitty quality, been wanting to watch it for long time. If you can help me out I’d much appreciate it.

    • Peter Saturday

      Hey yeah I had a copy of that movie on VHS, I ended up selling it on ebay for around $60 if it’s the Vidcrest one, I’m not sure how to find another copy as it’s pretty rare! I’d keep checking ebay, it’s a pretty unique little anthology!

      • Peter Saturday

        My buddy found a copy of it and I think he kept his, I’ll ask, we actually found two sealed copies of it at the good will while there together! as well as a few other Vidcrest vhs tapes that day.

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