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Star Wars: Episode 9 – Will Luke Skywalker Return in the Flesh?!

 After expressing my disappointment in The Last Jedi I’ve been thinking a lot about what to expect next in Episode 9. We’ll have JJ Abrams back in the writer/directors chair to complete the story he started. It felt to me like, Rian Johnson wasn’t a fan of the plot points JJ set up and maybe wished that he himself would have wrote & directed The Force Awakens. The problem I think is that it just didn’t feel like a cohesive story was being planned by these two directors and as we now know there never was a real solid story for this trilogy. JJ wrote the first installment and Rian Johnson took over the second, literally writing whatever his heart desired to continue the story. Sadly it really shows when watching both movies in succession. The trilogy should have had a planned story, instead they’re seriously making shit up as they go. So it leads me to a legit question of Episode 9: Is Luke Skywalker REALLY dead?

Of course, everyone has come to the logical conclusion that Luke Skywalker died at the end of TLJ and that he will return in the next installment as a good ol’ trusty Force ghost. BUT, I think that there’s a damn good chance we could indeed see Luke in the flesh again. First, let’s consider the backlash TLJ has gotten, there’s a large portion of that backlash that’s incredibly upset with the handling of Luke. So taking the fan backlash about this character into consideration, I think JJ could indeed tastefully retcon his “supposed” death. Let’s face it, if Luke returning in the flesh for Episode 9 will elate the fans and make some seriously big bucks, it as a possibility, is totally, 100% on the table. I think these movies are way more about the money these days than the actual story telling. So Luke returning in human form is most definitely a very serious possibility even if you think it’d be bad storytelling and wanna call me some crazy ass fan who needs to let go of the past. You need to realize 99.9% of this is, at the very end of the day about MONEY. Continue reading


A Date in Middle Earth to Look Forward Too!

So now we all finally have a date to look forward to for the The Hobbit, the highly anticipated sequel (DUH!) to The Lord of the Rings trilogy! Ever since I heard that Guillermo del Toro had been chosen as the director for this 2 part film I have been almost more almost more excited about it it than I was originally about Peter Jackson! Originally the Hobbit was supposed to hit theaters in 2011 but now the new word is that we’re looking at a December 2012 release date. That’s a LONG time to wait isn’t it? What gives? And how come we still have no one attached to play Bilbo Baggins yet??!

At least we know that Ian Mckellan will be reprising his role as Gandalf and rumours are suggesting that filming will begin in June. I don’t want to the rush the guys but it’s going to be a long two years!! Nothing though compared to the amount of time Peter Jackson took to make The Lord of the Rings. With both Jackson and del Toro together behind these two films it’s bound to be worth the wait!

Ok so I know I have posted this song like at least three other times here but any chance I get you can bet I’ll take it!