Harry Potter as The Hobbit?

Rumors are flying that Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe is up for the role of Bilbo Baggins.  Thank god it’s not Justin Timberlake! From what I read at The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog, he’s one of several actors being considered in Guillermo del Toro’s “Hobbit” to play the lead. James McAvoy (“Wanted”) is also apparently in the running as well.

daniel_radcliffe_99@Hey Potter put some clothes on you’re making Shadowfax nervous!

Personally I wish Ian Holm who originally played him in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” could reprise his role. I guess though he is getting pretty old now but in the flash back sequence from LOTR they made him look pretty awesome as a younger Bilbo. I have heard rumours though of Holm possibly reprising the role for the second film-let’s hope.

bilbo 2

I can’t wait for them to actually begin filming this espcecailly with del Toro directing. I would say he was the perfect choice and may even do a better job than Jackson could’ve himself. Mostly though I am still releived that Sam Raimi did not get the Job! That was a close one!


Supposedly they will be confirming the role at the upcoming Comic-Con in San Diego. The sooner the better cuz I need to get back to Middle Earth SOON!


  1. konales

    Hey, I will be at the Comic Con next weekend. When they make the announcement, I will make sure to email with a follow up so you are the first blog to have it…it is now my quest!

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