Wolverine take off that stupid mask!

Yeah check this out, Wolverine needs to take of that damn mask and put on his real one! You’d think Tom Cruise from “Eyes Wide Shut” was coming over to take him to that fancy Kubrick party with Nicole Kidman!  Sorry I had a few too many last night and this is the best I could come up with today…


  1. konales

    You’re right on Wolverine…but there have been many attempts at Wolverine figures and I would bet 90% have failed…

    As for the music in the background, I like high bongos…kind of like an old news report. An it made the commercial oh so much more exciting. I was glued to the set while a went googly eyed over the powerful 1/10th scale, poorly molded, disfigured, plastic representations of the X-men

  2. konales

    Another grip…do we really think that Colossus, by himself could power lift Apocalypse…

    And where are the Fantastic Four with the wooden gun to defeat Magnetos amazing magnetic powers!

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