The Undirectable Klaus Kinski!

I recently rewatched “Crawlspace”,  the 1986 slasher classic about a derranged nazi landlord who only rents rooms to cute girls and then spies on them through heating ducts in the building. Oh yeah he also likes to torture and kill them in the attic. I remember always seeing this the cover of this movie in the video store when I was a kid and the guy’s face always freaked me out a bit. Well there was a reason for that, because the movie’s star, cult hero, Klaus Kinski was out of his damn mind!


  Though he did five films with Werner Herzog that perhaps solidified his reputation as a “crazy genius” he apparently was in need of some quick cash in 1986 when he took the role in Crawlspace. It had been said at that time Kinski was “undirectable” with a reputation as a “drunken sex crazed maniac” he was clearly perfect for the movie’s main character Doctor Karl Gunther. After killing each victim he would play a game of russian roulette with himself, winning each time and then whispering his classic line “So be it” readying himself for another night of pervertin’  around in the heating ducts.

kinski_15Um no question here,  he’s bat shit crazy…

So it sounds like a small challenge working with Kinski then? I mean how bad could he really be right? Well I recently found a neat little video on Youtube called “Please Kill Mr. Kinski” that is all about that very challenge Director David Schmoeller faced in the making of this low budget cult classic-check this out!   


One comment

  1. Guy Boyman

    The most astonishing think about Klaus Kinski, to me, is that his frightening Aryan loins produced an offspring as astonishingly beautiful as Nastassja Kinski.

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