1987’s “The Nest” Delivered!

I find some bad ass VHS tapes at the Goodwill Bins here in Portland Oregon! A ton of cheezy awesome wretched horror flicks are always coming my way. From Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures comes “The Nest”  which was one of my most recent finds and it was pretty bad in a very good way! Set in a quiet town of North Port, the citizens there encounter a serious roach problem which is only about to get worse! That’s when the cool guy Sherrif Tarbell enters the picture with suspisions that the town’s mayor is in ca-hoots with an evil genetics corporation called INTEC  who’s secretly experimenting with roaches and trying to hybridize them with other animals and yeah you guessed it humans!!



Guess what? People and pets start to disappear. Guess what else? That damn cool guy Sherriff Tarbell was right dammit! I must say though for the first 3/4 of the movie I was wondering if there was going to be anything other than a 100 roaches the director probably got from the local pet store running around all over furniture and people, I mean the cover of the movie box shows a giant roach strangling a woman in her bra and panties! I was pleasantly surprised when all hell breaks loose!

The final monster was so rad, like a giant mash of humans and roaches wheeled along on a roller platform! I recommend seeking this out if you love you some shitty highly campy horror! You’ve been warned! 


 Here’s some of the best parts of this movie- beware of spoilers!!!


  1. konales

    Man you are bringing back all the memories. The Nest is great, but I have not seen it in ages. I will have to see if I can dig that up somewhere. Make sure to check out Slugs…another creepy crawler classic. I think you and I watched it years ago.

    As for the Nest, I can’t remember if there ever was one of the huge roaches like on the movie poster…I want to say there wasn’t and I got really disappointed. That size of bug always disturbed me for some reason. Regular bugs swarm and that is like real life. Huge bugs, like the size of buildings, well we know by our laws/theories/postulates of material science, could never really exist; they would crumple under there own weigh despite their exceptionally strong exoskeletons (much like King Kong). But bugs the size of a dog or cat…just freaked me out…that like the real deal. They can maneuver through all of the stuff you can, jump over stuff, get right on you, and their fangs, claws, pokers, are that size that they would leave holes on the order of inches in you. God, pump you full of eggs and leave weird grease all over you…ick! Best representation of this size bug I have seen recently would be The Mist. Again, CG, but great movie.

    Yeah, I am on a quest this weekend to find a copy of The Nest!

    • petersaturday

      yeah “the mist” was great just got it on dvd actually. I didn’t mind the Cg at all. Hmmm “They Nest” Huh we’ll see about that one!

  2. konales

    Just searched The Nest, also found the Movie They Nest…2000. I seem to remember this one as well. Want to say made for TV…really bad…all roaches again…probably worth the watch if you can snatch a copy.

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