SCREAM 4 Anyone?

So it has been officially confirmed recently that “Scream 4” is indeed in the works rather than a remake of the original (thank god!). The good news is also that yesterday David Arquette and Courtney Cox have also officially signed on to return as Dewey Riley & Gale Weathers. I’d like to also mention that about 8 years ago I met them both by chance at a Wherehouse Music where I worked in Jacksonville Florida and they were actually pretty cool people with pretty decent taste in music. Anyway I have always been a big fan of the Scream movies. Infact I remember seeing the first one in the theater and being pretty blown away. Scream gave the horror genre the kick in the ass it needed at the time, making going to see a horror movie in the theaters a damn fun time again. It also set the trend however to a ton of immitators that made going to the theater to see a horror movie a collossal waste of time and money!


It seems also that Wes Craven is very interested in directing this new trilogy. If you are going to do a new Scream movie it’d be pretty sad if you didn’t have him back to direct wouldn’t it? One of the people who seem pretty resistant to return however is Neve Campell. She actually has flat out refused to come back after being offered a cameo in the film.


Supposedly this new Scream will follow a new group of teenagers. I was wondering since Neve really hasn’t done anything interesting that I know of since…well…um…Scream 3 what could be the problem here? Perhaps they need to consider her as the main role one more time and perhaps she could bite the dust in the end setting up the stories for the next two movies? For whatever reason I think Scream 4 needs her! I’m sure they will introduce a hip new cast of teenage loser actors to get hacked and slashed.  Either way this should be a fun movie I will definately shell out the dough to see in the theaters! Here’s what David Arquette had to say about it:

“I love the ‘Scream’ franchise, I’m just honestly excited to be making another one,” Arquette exclaimed. “I figured it would be a blast to bring these characters back to life and see how they’ve grown since ‘Scream 3,'” he told the NY Post. “Working with Wes has been amazing and Kevin is an incredible artist. My wife and I really wanted to do this.”

Speaking of Mr. Arquette for some reason the other night I had this strange urge to rent  “Eight Legged Freaks” which I saw years ago. Is that a bad idea?


  1. Guy Boyman

    Despite the fun that gets made of me, I also love the Scream franchise. The first one is, in my humble hillbilly opiniion, a perfect film. Not the best film ever made by any means, but for what it was intended to be – i.e. a wicked and fun post-modern take on the slasher flick – it was as good as it could possibly have been. The casting was perfect, the killer was iconic, the script was smarter than its audience, the direction was lively, the score was great, and the characters were memorable. What more could you really ask? Oh yeah – that killer twist ending that practically no one saw coming because we were all so numbed by 20 years of stupid, predicable, paint-by-numbers slasher flicks. I thought Scream 2 and 3 were somewhat less successful but by then I really liked the characters so the modest failings of the sequels were easier to forgive. And plus Scream 3 had Parker Posey, who is beyond lovable. Taken on the whole, Scream: The Franchise was not disappointing and I don’t care how many splatter fan basement dwellers didn’t like it because (a) it starred attractive people and (b) it was popular.

    Having said that, I’m not expecting great things out of Scream 4, at least not as a continuation of the first three. I am sure that one or both of the Cox-Arquettes will get killed gratuitously and for shock value, much like Jamie Lee Curtis was in the last pre-reboot Halloween flick, which TOTALLY FUCKS with the whole point of her character, which was that she was the ultimate survivor and overcomer, like Ripley in the Alien franchise and Sydney Prescott in the Scream flicks. Poor Dewey and Gale made it through three slashfests primarily on their screen chemistry and likability, only to get snuffed in a latter-day sequel for the sake of upping the stakes. Meh. Me no like.

    Also, your mother was a slutbag whore who flashed her shit all over town like she was Sharon Stone – and let’s face it, your mother was no Sharon Stone.

  2. konales

    Sorry, I have to defend Eight Legged Freaks…it was very much a return to the 50’s style big ass monster movie with some new aspects…yeah it was goofy, but I don’t think it detracted from the genre.

    As for Scream…all for new quality slasher flicks!

    There…my deep and thoughtful comments!

    • petersaturday

      Yeah I think 8 legged freaks was cool but how does the Cg stand Up? we’ll see as I revisit it again…hey you know if Ned The dead is still around?

  3. konales

    That is one point that brought it down a knotch…CG…Bummer…but I still enjoyed it…call it a guilty pleasure.

    As for Ned, still kicking it old school. He came back like Montezumas revenge, maybe a year or so ago. Man, the movies are just as bad and he is just as weird as ever. He use to frequent the coffee shop I worked at when I was a kid. He would always come in a buy the same coffee. And if it was on Chiller Theater night he would come to the mall in his makeup and act like Ned…order his coffee and slap the counter top with that laugh. I always thought he was the coolest back then. I should hunker down this week and check out the theater.

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