Tobey Maguire to star as Bilbo Baggins?!

Rumors are flying today as several sources like and Britain’s The Sun are saying that Tobey Maguire has signed on as the lead in Guillermo del Toro’s The Hobbit!  According to “AMC Entertainment blogger John Campea recently tweeted that someone close to production has leaked the same news to him. He said, “I have been personally told by a source very close to Guillermo del Toro that it’s true… Tobey Maguire IS The Hobbit.”

Though it’s not offical yet it seems to me that this could be a great choice for Bilbo. It seems to me that Maguire definately fits the Hobbit persona even in his looks. Can’t you picture him hanging out with Frodo and Sam?

 I think this is a solid choice for the lead if it indeed turns out to be true. It wasn’t too long ago that he expressed interest in the part and it would make sense now that he’s out of Spider-man 4 that perhaps he thought this could be a better move. If so then we’re that much closer to getting the party started on Middle Earth!

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