More MODOK please!

I have been having a great time so far getting into The Fall of the Hulks series that Marvel has just launched. One reason in particular is their choice of  villains they’ve got teaming up against the Hulk, or should I say Banner since technically he can’t change into the Hulk anymore (that’s not going to last for long though). But aside from awesome old school villains like the Leader and Egghead appearing the one that always gets me pumped is MODOK! Yeah that’s right the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. He’s just one of those weird ass villains I think everyone adores! His involvement in the Fall of the Hulks inspired me to re-read one of my favorite Hulk storylines which transpire in issues #287-290. If you haven’t already read these I suggest you run down to your local comic shop and pick up these back issues asap! It will give you a little more insight on his hatred for the Hulk.   

These issues take place at a time when the Hulk first gained the mind of Bruce Banner. In fact the Hulk had recently been pardoned and asked to rejoin the Avengers. Anyway these issues have all that you want in a classic hulk story line, three of the Hulk greatest enemies and lot’s of smashing. Now to summarize the plot you basically have General Thunderbolt Ross teaming up with Modok in a plan to use the Abomination to acheive both of their evil goals.

 Ross’s is to use him to once and for all finally destroy the Hulk. Modok, who also mentions he’d like to see the Hulk pummeled but more so wants to use the Abomination to destroy A.I.M.. The only problem is that the Abomination is simply scared shitless of the Hulk and at first refuses to fight him again, claiming their in last battle he got his ass served to him way too bad . These issues show the Abomination at his most whiney and pathetic. Most of the time he’s crying like a baby in the fetal position while Modok kicks his ass with his mind beams raising his anger and getting the Abomination to fear him more than the Hulk. This alone makes it worth checking these issues out. 

There is as you guessed it a battle between the Hulk and The Abomination in issue #289. It is though one of their weakest battles as the Abomination spends most of the time talking about how afraid he is of the Hulk while they fight. At the end of the fight Abomination ends up crying some more and the Hulk feeling sorry for him (with Banner’s mind) lets him go.

 Bad move Hulk, cuz before you know it the Abomination kidnaps his new gal pal Kate Waynesboro only to try to deliver her to Modok, who he does indeed fear more than the Hulk.

This is where things get pretty awesome and twisted. In issue #290 the Abomination tries to deliver Kate Waynesboro to Modok but is intercepted by A.I.M.(The organization that created Modok) instead. Before you know it A.I.M. has got her in a transformation chamber to make her a new and improved Modok! Wow, imagine finding out the next time you saw your girlfriend she was going to look like Modok?! That’d make you pretty pissed off right? Well it pisses off the Hulk alright but unfortunately he’s to late and he’s introduced to his new girlfriend-Ms. Modok!!

If you thought that was as bad as it could get think again because it’s not long before a horny ass Modok enters the scene and sees her too! They instantly decide to wed! The funny thing is Modok is kind enough to ask if anyone in the room objects to their new marriage clearly knowing the only other person in the room is the Hulk and the already whimpering Abomination! Anyway you just best buy these and find out for yourself how the rest of this all goes down and let’s just say this was a BAD, BAD few days for the Abomination!! A great chapter in the Hulk’s history that may in some way tie into the Fall of the Hulks….



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