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What’s Next for Wolverine?

I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, today as it was announced that Darren Aronofsky would no longer  be directing “The Wolverine”, a stand alone movie that would have had nothing to do (thank god) with the first Wolverine movie. According to Aronofsky the movie would keep him away from his family for far too long-though many are saying it was due to not having enough creative control over the movie. Either way there you have it-finally something exciting was geared up to go down with the character, something dark and dare I say actually intellectually engaging?

Well now that Darren is off to do something more artsy I’m sure we’re gearing up to get more of the same bullshit that we got served with that last film…ughhh. I really had high hopes for a dark Wolverine movie done the way the character deserves. Apparently the show will go on with another director with Jackman still set to play Wolverine.

Now the question is who will they get to take a stab at Wolvie? Your guess is as good as mine, it seems to me it’d better be someone who actually gives a damn and isn’t just trying to serve up another  load of shit to force feed the masses- Chris Nolan, Guillermo de Toro hell I’d even take Zack Snyder! But it seems they’re all busy with other projects….um Bryan Singer we need you now more than ever!! in the mean time check this out-it’s actually a lot better than the last Wolverine movie…not bad for a fun fan boy film actually-maybe we should just give up and give this guy the job…


The Incredible Hulk Dumps Edward Norton!!

WTF?!!! Oh I am sure you’ve all heard the news about Edward Norton NOT reprising his role as The Hulk in the upcoming Avengers Flick! This some sad news as now it seems as the movies are not tied together as tightly as they once were in preparation in creating a mini Marvel movie universe. I heard from the start that there were problems with Norton as he was not at all pleased with the final outcome of The Incredible Hulk as he hoped for a longer more extensive cut of the film. Then it was his high salary he demanded to repsise the role of Banner in which Marvel clearly rejected. Now we get news of some unknown actor claiming the role of Banner in the Avengers flick. 

Sorry that just ain’t good enough as Norton was one of the main reasons why the film worked so well in the first place. Yeah since now we have a clearly fully CG Hulk what really matters truely is who is actually in the role of good ol’ Bruce. Hopefully they can still pull it off, though clearly the film has already now lost some major excitement as one of the key actors will not be returning.

So hopefully the rest of the gang can show up for the party! I mean what happens if Robert Downey Jr. decides HIS paycheck is not enough??? I guess really he and Samuel L. Jackson are the key players so in order to make this film truely work we have to have them back for sure! I personally am still holding out for either Norton or Marvel to change their mind. If you’re gonna do something as epic as this you gotta do it the right way!! In any event I am sure Hulk will still SMASH, just maybe not as hard….

Guillermo Del Toro Leaves The Hobbit!!!! Dammit!!!

What the SHIT!!!! So news is apparrently that Guillermo Del Toro has officially quit The Hobbit!! This has got to be some sort of nightmare that I just can’t seem to wake from! But I assure you that this is the sad truth as he told TheOneRing.net  flat out that he’s just too damn tired of waiting to make this shit happen!! Well guess what? I’m pretty fucking tired of waiting for this shit to happen too!!! Apparently he can’t seem to commit to spending six years in New Zealand as he has been facing a boat load of delays on the project and was only signed on to be there originally for three years. It’s no wonder he split as they don’t even have a god damn Bilbo Baggins cast yet! Ok guys I have been holding back a bit on saying this but seriously….GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER ALREADY!  JEEEZUS! I must say I too have been wondering what the hell these guys have been doing for the last few years myself-I mean really the damn story has already been written-GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!

Anyway this is what he had to say about it: Continue reading