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Forgotten Movie Gems: 80’s High School Zombie Bullies Rule in ‘Night Life’!

Been a movie watchin’ fiend lately & luckily most of the flicks, most of which I’d call largely forgotten cinema, have been surprisingly damn good! So listen up I’m gonna throw a bunch of short reviews for some films that are worth the trouble to track down if like me you’re looking for some lost gems! Let’s get on with this shit today we’ve got some great what I like to coin ‘John Hughes Horror’ in…

Night Life (1989)

First up let it be known this cool ass little movie was never officially released on dvd so it’s a tuff one to track down. You can hunt down a copy on vhs or like I did buy a bootleg copy of it on dvd from Ioffer.com, a great site for stuff like this. Anyway I wanna start off saying that this movie has Scott Grimes, that red headed kid from Critters 1&2 so it instantly had me there as I love those two movies. It’s essentially an 80’s teen high school bully movie with zombies. Scott Grimes or “Archie” in the movie, who channels a bit of Michael J. Fox, works at a mortuary for his jerky uncle (John Astin) and is bullied by four assholes (two preppy jock-y couples) from his school. Turns out he’s totally infatuated with one of the girls and the bullies quickly devise a plan to set him up on a “date” that ultimately destroys him teenage life. He’s also got an older lady pal, a cute local mechanic that he hangs out with all the time that he’s also crushed out on, who’s clearly put him in the friend zone. Ahh to be a teenager again…

Well one day those same four prepster bullies meet their demise in a horrible car crash, and of course Archie has to take them back to the mortuary. It seems though he’s in high school he accompanies the police to crimes scenes and is oddly in charge of the “dirty work” of dealing with the dead, I guess that shit flew back in the 80’s huh? Only problem is the four assholes become zombies when a bolt of lightning strikes the roof of the mortuary, something clearly foreshadowed earlier when a dead frog’s legs twitch when given an electrical charge by his science teacher. The nice thing here is these Zombies aren’t your mindless walkers, they’re more ruthless, cunning & have one clear driving their every move: to turn Archie into mince meat!! This begins a totally outrageous game of cat and mouse that plays out like a great extended episode of Tales From The Crypt in the best way.

The movie’s got a light hearted feel to it but isn’t afraid to get down and dirty when it needs to either. The zombie bullies use their newly acquired blood lust to carry out some pretty inventive on screen kills too. This may not be a traditional zombie apocalypse flick, but it’s one of the most unique and who needs more of the apocalypse anyway. Even in the 80’s that shit was overdone. Even way back in 89′ Tony Timpone of Fangoria praised it “the most original, off-beat & entertaining zombie films in years, a must see!”. I gotta agree it’s a ton of fun, has great stunts, cool fx, gore, rad looking zombies, sets & characters. Pretty much everything I love about the 80’s all wrapped into one. This one deserves an official release it’s definitely a lost gem. I’m pretty floored at how this movie doesn’t have more love these days, hopefully someone will clean it up and give it a proper release if you’re a fan of 80’s horror and those John Hughs-esque flick of that era you’ll find a lot here to love!! One last interesting tidbit here is that director David Acomba was one the two directors responsible for the infamously bad 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special!! But hey don’t hold that against him!!


More Classics-Getting Sequel-ized!!? Don’t Bet on it!

Yeah well that ain’t all Ihave to say about classics getting a sequel instead of a reboot-On a lower budget scale how about The Gate 3 with Stephen Dorff and Louis Tripp? Damn get these guys back together-and I don’t give a shit if it’s direct to dvd-it’d totally rule to get the Gate opened again. Perhaps Tripp’s character Terry could be a in a unsuccessful/successful metal band? Dorff could be a whiny bitch like he was in the amazing first film! I personally would LOVE to see this happen but it’s really wishful thinking…and yeah that’s the whiny little kid now from the Gate below-not sure why he’s clutching his crotch like that with a towel-I bet if you added Louis Tripp to this picture though he’d be covering up pretty quickly!

How about the Monster Squad 2? Come on! That’d be awesome! There could be a whole new group of kids with some new monsters! Or the adult team could be formed again by original star Andrew Gower facing a whole new group of Monsters??!! Continue reading

aw man….a Teen Wolf Remake?!! No…please…

Teen Wolf is such an awesome movie and has been one of my favorite 80’s flicks forever! Michael J. Fox as the coolest werewolf in school?! Playing basketball as the Wolf was the best idea ever plus he looked super bad ass in that yellow tank top and shorts! Then they made made “Teen Wolf Too” which ended up as one of the lamest movies ever with Jason Bateman. Well now word on the street from Moviehole.net  is that Teen Wolf is indeed up for a remake! This I think is a bad idea. Haven’t they learned yet that remaking every cool movie and making it a peice of shit isn’t a good idea?


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