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Zac Efron as Kaneda…BARF!

Oh my god yeah so great news on the horizon! It seems Hollwood has chosen another amazing untouchable film to thoroughly fuck up!! YAY! So news has hit (at least for me) that mega teen weenie Zac Efron is up for the lead role of  Kaneda in the live action bullshit version of the legendary Akira!!!??? Wow that’s so….completely…un-epic…..lame and makes me kinda wanna, well puke in my mouth. 

                               Hi I’m Zac Efron-I’m gonna douche up Akira for you!

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aw man….a Teen Wolf Remake?!! No…please…

Teen Wolf is such an awesome movie and has been one of my favorite 80’s flicks forever! Michael J. Fox as the coolest werewolf in school?! Playing basketball as the Wolf was the best idea ever plus he looked super bad ass in that yellow tank top and shorts! Then they made made “Teen Wolf Too” which ended up as one of the lamest movies ever with Jason Bateman. Well now word on the street from Moviehole.net  is that Teen Wolf is indeed up for a remake! This I think is a bad idea. Haven’t they learned yet that remaking every cool movie and making it a peice of shit isn’t a good idea?


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