aw man….a Teen Wolf Remake?!! No…please…

Teen Wolf is such an awesome movie and has been one of my favorite 80’s flicks forever! Michael J. Fox as the coolest werewolf in school?! Playing basketball as the Wolf was the best idea ever plus he looked super bad ass in that yellow tank top and shorts! Then they made made “Teen Wolf Too” which ended up as one of the lamest movies ever with Jason Bateman. Well now word on the street from  is that Teen Wolf is indeed up for a remake! This I think is a bad idea. Haven’t they learned yet that remaking every cool movie and making it a peice of shit isn’t a good idea?


 I mean I watched Tim Burton’s remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other night again (god knows why) and could barely make it through! Tim Burton-stop doing shitty remakes of AWESOME movies. The next thing you know he’ll be remaking the Wizard of Oz with Johnny Depp starring as the lion, the scarecrow, the tin man,  Dorothy and Toto!

 Anyway about Teen Wolf, I guess that Warner Brothers just got the rights to the movie. I assume that it will tell the story of Scott Howard once again but who I wonder will they get to screw up this cool movie in place of Michael J. Fox?  Hmmm…maybe they could get Michael Cera? Or maybe Christopher Mintz-Plasse? Now that could actually be pretty cool!

teen wolf 3

I heard a couple years ago that they were considering the remake with Tom Welling of Smallville but now the name that’s being tossed around is Zac Efron. Ummm….No way. If this is the case then then this truely will be a disaster. I wonder what other movies are up the slaughter? What next a Breakfast Club remake with the Twilight dude as John Bender?!


Whatever you do stay far away from “Teen Wolf  Too”!


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