Power Man and Iron Fist: Thunderbolts? WTF??

Marvel’s recent solicitations listed Thunderbolts #136 as”classified” but a recent image posted on former Lying in the Gutters gossip columnist, Rich Johnston’s new site bleedingcool.com shows what Marvel may be hiding until after herocon: Luke Cage and Iron Fist as new Thunderbolts members!


I don’t even know how to rationalize this. I love these guys, especially considering that they were comics’ first openly gay couple (back in the 1970’s), but this has to be a huge piece of misdirection. Luke and Danny have been members of the New Avengers for some time now, still fighting Cap’s exhausted Civil War battle. I can hardly imagine what could possibly cause…

…wait a minute…

I get it….(I think)

This is probably Norman’s Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Just like he has a Hawkeye, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel etc. Boy Marvel, you sure had me there! Any bets on which villains are posing as them? I’m thinking it’s a couple of guys from a crew that occasionally wreck some stuff.


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