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More Classics-Getting Sequel-ized!!? Don’t Bet on it!

Yeah well that ain’t all Ihave to say about classics getting a sequel instead of a reboot-On a lower budget scale how about The Gate 3 with Stephen Dorff and Louis Tripp? Damn get these guys back together-and I don’t give a shit if it’s direct to dvd-it’d totally rule to get the Gate opened again. Perhaps Tripp’s character Terry could be a in a unsuccessful/successful metal band? Dorff could be a whiny bitch like he was in the amazing first film! I personally would LOVE to see this happen but it’s really wishful thinking…´╗┐and yeah that’s the whiny little kid now from the Gate below-not sure why he’s clutching his crotch like that with a towel-I bet if you added Louis Tripp to this picture though he’d be covering up pretty quickly!

How about the Monster Squad 2? Come on! That’d be awesome! There could be a whole new group of kids with some new monsters! Or the adult team could be formed again by original star Andrew Gower facing a whole new group of Monsters??!! Continue reading