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More Classics-Getting Sequel-ized!!? Don’t Bet on it!

Yeah well that ain’t all Ihave to say about classics getting a sequel instead of a reboot-On a lower budget scale how about The Gate 3 with Stephen Dorff and Louis Tripp? Damn get these guys back together-and I don’t give a shit if it’s direct to dvd-it’d totally rule to get the Gate opened again. Perhaps Tripp’s character Terry could be a in a unsuccessful/successful metal band? Dorff could be a whiny bitch like he was in the amazing first film! I personally would LOVE to see this happen but it’s really wishful thinking…and yeah that’s the whiny little kid now from the Gate below-not sure why he’s clutching his crotch like that with a towel-I bet if you added Louis Tripp to this picture though he’d be covering up pretty quickly!

How about the Monster Squad 2? Come on! That’d be awesome! There could be a whole new group of kids with some new monsters! Or the adult team could be formed again by original star Andrew Gower facing a whole new group of Monsters??!! Continue reading

Don’t Remake-Give These Top 10 Movies a Sequel!!

I am so SICK of bad remakes of movies that I grew up loving! It is though now kinda fun to see just how low they will go and what they’ll try and remake next. It seems though perhaps Hollywood is finally catching on now that most of these remakes are box office bombs! They maybe seeing that the real interest still lays within sequels to our beloved movies! We’ve already gotten a few, love em’ or hate em’ you gotta admit they were fun to wonder & wait for!

Let’s see, we’ve already gotten recent sequels to Rocky, Rambo (Great job on both Stallone!), Indiana Jones, Terminator(more or less though they should have gotten Edward Furlong or Nick Stahl in the lead) The Lost Boys (Hey I kinda liked the third one!) & Tron. We all know these movies are best served with their original directors too! Now there’s news today on a new sequel for Poltergeist with the surviving actors reprising their roles! How cool would that be?! Well it got me thinkin’…what are the top 10 movies that deserve a sequel? Well look no further this is my wish list! Continue reading