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Wolf Cop Takes a Serious Bite Out of Crime!

Damn, I was such a big fan of the original Teen Wolf that I just had to post this trailer for the upcoming Wolf Cop movie! This one looks right up my alley as we got a full on Werewolf cop running rampant around town fighting crime! This little Canadian flick, directed by Lowell Dean is shaping up to an awesome old school style 80’s horror comedy.



I’m a sucker for a fun werewolf flick and can’t wait for this one to drop! I’m happy to see people out there with original horror movies in the works rather than another tired remake. I may have to check out Eerie 13 as well, Lowell Dean’s first movie…


aw man….a Teen Wolf Remake?!! No…please…

Teen Wolf is such an awesome movie and has been one of my favorite 80’s flicks forever! Michael J. Fox as the coolest werewolf in school?! Playing basketball as the Wolf was the best idea ever plus he looked super bad ass in that yellow tank top and shorts! Then they made made “Teen Wolf Too” which ended up as one of the lamest movies ever with Jason Bateman. Well now word on the street from Moviehole.net ┬áis that Teen Wolf is indeed up for a remake! This I think is a bad idea. Haven’t they learned yet that remaking every cool movie and making it a peice of shit isn’t a good idea?


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