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The Hulk Wrecks Mount Rushmore!

This wednesday I’ll be running to the comic book shop to catch up on some missed titles as I haven’t been religiously going there weekly for quite sometime. This of course has been a huge bummer and as many Americans are feeling the effects of a very poor economy I have also accepted the fact that I can’t really afford to blow a ton of money every week on a stack of comics like I used to. At some point I am sure things will be back to normal, but in the meantime I am being pretty selective with what I have been picking up. Many times missing out on storylines I have started.

Well as you may know I’m a big Incredible Hulk fanatic and as I have been pretty into the “Fall of the Hulks” storyline I ended up missing a few key issues leaving me thinking to just wait for the trade paperback. However I am pretty pumped about the Incredible Hulk one shot coming out this week, Hulk : Let The Battle Begin, which pits ol jade jaws up against one of my all time favorite supervillain teams of all time-The Wrecking Crew!

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Doctor Octopus: One of the Hulk’s Only Real Villains in the 80’s?!

I am not sure how familiar you are with the 80’s Incredible Hulk cartoon but when I acquired the all the episides finally on a bootleg DVD (they still haven’t officially released them yet-lame!) I realized the show lacked one thing greatly. Villains!! Now don’t get me wrong the ’82 Hulk show was probably my favorite saturday morning cartoon. I lived for this show! But even back then I wondered where the Abomination was?  The Rhino? The Wendigo? The Bi Beast? Zzzax? The U-Foes? Tyrannus? The Absorbing Man dammit?!!! No where to be found. In fact there was rarely ever a  real Hulk villain on the show at all! Except one for one episode featuring The Leader, there weren’t any of the Hulks comic book baddies anywhere in sight. For some reason they chose Doctor Octopus and a few others oddly to fill in the void of villains for ‘ol  jade jaws!

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Bruce Banner and pay phones just don’t mix!

Here’s a funny clip from the amazing Incredible Hulk Tv show where Banner is trying to use the pay phone. It seems he’s just not getting the results that he hoped for and well you can guess that makes him ANGRY!! Usually you have to kick the shit out of him to get him to change into the Hulk. But as you can see here all you have to be is an irritating phone operator to get him into a complete maniacal rage!! Next time just dial 911 maybe?! Oh yeah and not having enough change at the payphone always sucked but really banner-calm the hell down already!

I want my own pair of Incredible Hulk Shoes!

Anyone have a pair of these in my size?

hulk shoes

These are pretty amazing huh? I found this pic on http://www.incrediblehulkonline.com/hulkjewelry.html where you can check out a section called Hulk Fashion that literally made me drool. Some pretty amazing vintage Hulk stuff shown there!

Plus check out this commercial from 1980 for the Incredible Hulk shoes shown above! Yeah I know you’ve seen some recent Hulk shoes that were inspired by the movies and I must say they looked pretty terrible. I’d like to get my hands on a pair of 9 and 1/2 Hulk shoes. I wonder if they made them in adult sizes? May have to check ebay for that and a pair of Hulk Underoos!

Planet Hulk movie set for February 2010 release!!

For those of you still feeling a little let-down by last year’s Hulk film, Marvel recently announced something that should help for a little while, at least:

Planet Hulk! The animated adaptation of the insanely popular storyline of the same name, will be hitting theaters in February 2010. All of the Illuminati-deceiving, Miek-evolving and Skaar-baby-making action we loved from the comics set to move before our eyes! Check out this trailer, released by Capcom:

The Incredible Hulk cartoon from the 80’s!

Last week saturday I talked about how much I missed the ‘Spider-man and His Amazing Friends’ cartoon from the 80’s. Well shortly there after they added a solo ‘Incredible Hulk’ cartoon to the Marvel power hour on saturday mornings! I was so PUMPED! It was like a dream come true! This one season Hulk show was one of my all time favorites. Recently I bought a bootleg of the whole season at a comic convention and it’s just as good as it was back then. Here’s the opening to this classic cartoon. If you search around on youtube you can find the full episodes!!!