The Hulk Wrecks Mount Rushmore!

This wednesday I’ll be running to the comic book shop to catch up on some missed titles as I haven’t been religiously going there weekly for quite sometime. This of course has been a huge bummer and as many Americans are feeling the effects of a very poor economy I have also accepted the fact that I can’t really afford to blow a ton of money every week on a stack of comics like I used to. At some point I am sure things will be back to normal, but in the meantime I am being pretty selective with what I have been picking up. Many times missing out on storylines I have started.

Well as you may know I’m a big Incredible Hulk fanatic and as I have been pretty into the “Fall of the Hulks” storyline I ended up missing a few key issues leaving me thinking to just wait for the trade paperback. However I am pretty pumped about the Incredible Hulk one shot coming out this week, Hulk : Let The Battle Begin, which pits ol jade jaws up against one of my all time favorite supervillain teams of all time-The Wrecking Crew!

It appears in this double sized oneshot they’ll be taking the beatdown to Mount Rushmore. Here’s a the press release:

WRITTEN BY: Jesse Blaze Snider
COVERS BY: Mike Del Mundo.

“It’s a beatdown of literally monumental proportions when the Hulk and the Wrecking Crew wage war in our nation’s capitol! And when the dust settles, what of Washington DC will remain unsmashed?! All this plus rocking extras giving YOU the goods on WORLD WAR HULKS – the upcoming Hulk mega-event!!”

From the looks and sounds of it this is exactly the type of Hulk story I love-a good classic battle. It’s been quite sometime since Green Jeans has faced the Wrecking Crew The last time I really remember seeing them face off was back in the early days of the Defenders however he had the help of Doctor Strange and Power-Man back then too! This cool Storyline took place in Defenders Vol 1 issues #17-19.

It seems that over the recent years Marvel has consistantly included the Wrecking Crew in alot of their titles and now we finally get to see the Hulk take on all four of them on his own! Expect one helluva fight!

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