Doctor Octopus: One of the Hulk’s Only Real Villains in the 80’s?!

I am not sure how familiar you are with the 80’s Incredible Hulk cartoon but when I acquired the all the episides finally on a bootleg DVD (they still haven’t officially released them yet-lame!) I realized the show lacked one thing greatly. Villains!! Now don’t get me wrong the ’82 Hulk show was probably my favorite saturday morning cartoon. I lived for this show! But even back then I wondered where the Abomination was?  The Rhino? The Wendigo? The Bi Beast? Zzzax? The U-Foes? Tyrannus? The Absorbing Man dammit?!!! No where to be found. In fact there was rarely ever a  real Hulk villain on the show at all! Except one for one episode featuring The Leader, there weren’t any of the Hulks comic book baddies anywhere in sight. For some reason they chose Doctor Octopus and a few others oddly to fill in the void of villains for ‘ol  jade jaws!

I remember as a child being a bit confused when Doc Ock showed up as one of the only real villains on the Hulk cartoon, which at that time was part of a Marvel power hour along with the fantastic Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Ock was really one of the only real villains the Hulk would ever really tangle with hand to hand. I am not even sure if these two ever even met in the comics. I was waiting for Spidey to appear as the guest star but no such luck it was doc Ock and the Hulk mano a mano. It was a short lived battle too. check out the finale of the episode to see their very unepic battle…

Now there were a couple other “villains” that made it onto the Hulk’s 80’s series here they are…

The Puppet Master (not exactly another choice I would have made for the cartoon but at least he was a real marvel villain!)

Oh yeah let’s not forget about Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, ha! ha! (I even had the comic adaptation they made for this episode-they chose this loser over the Abomination?!! What?!! He’s not even a real Marvel Character!)

Here’s the cover of the comic-which they made. They actually made this battle look kinda cool in the comic. However I don’t think Quasimodo ever made another marvel appearance…thankfully!

There you have it all the villains from the one and only season of this awesome show from the 80’s. Luckily In the 90’s versions, they brought out all the bad guys!!!



    • Peter Saturday

      Yeah there was a total shortage of cool Hulk vakllians on the 80’s cartoon, that being said I still LOVE THEM!!

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