Scarlett’s Widow revealed..

I just saw the new pics from the Iron Man movie that were just released but there was only one that was of any real excitement. We’ve all seen pics of Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Mickey Rourke as Whiplash so naturally it was pretty cool to see Scarlett Johansson  as The Black Widow. It looks like they got her classic look right which I guess isn’t too hard since she just has to have some guns, red hair and leather body suit. But still you never know with Hollywood these days-I mean they couldn’t even get Wolverine’s claws to look right in the last movie! Check this out…  


  1. petersaturday

    The Nanny Diaries huh? I’m not sure about that one….I need a little more convincing get me all over that one!

  2. christopher

    Lol thats how I felt going into it but its actually got a very good cast and its not a dumb kids movie like I was expecting.Not a kids movie at all really.Paul Giamatti is in it if that helps you lol

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