Iron Man & War Machine Arrive…

I looks like War Machine will be in the new Iron man sequel. I guess Terrence Howard really does have something to be upset about! It seems Don Cheadle got lucky as the Iron Man 2 poster which was just unveiled today at Yahoo Movies shows Iron Man and War Machine back to back. Personally I get pretty annoyed when sequels arrive with new actors replacing others from the previous movies. Since Terrence Howard will always hold a special place in my heart for his perfromance in Hustle & Flow, one of the best movies ever, I am still a bit annoyed he was replaced. Either way we’ll see how Iron Man 2 turns out so far it’s looking like a pretty decent follow up to a movie that I had originally had pretty low expectations for. Lets hope Iron Man 2 lives up to all the hype…


  1. christopher

    I dont have high hopes for this movie I was beyond unimpressed with the first movie.I bought it and fell asleep halfway through it.Then when I finished it later I was rewarded with a bumbling hero who couldnt control his suit and a lame villian in a silly robot suit…no thanks.

    • petersaturday

      I disagree, I thought the first movie was pretty good actually. I went into it with low expectations and was surprised. I thought it was sadly better than the Hulk redo which still I liked ok or at least better than the first try. But also I have never been a giant iron man fan either….

  2. christopher

    I liked the hulk movie soooo much better.It was intense and action packed with the Mellon collie tone of the old TV show.I’m amazed you like iron man better Mr Saturday!

    • petersaturday

      I still had a problem with the Hulk’s highly CG look. It just was not as convincing as I had hoped for and originally Stan Winston was supposed to do work on it using animatronics, heavy make up and cg. instead they just opted for CG again. Otherwise it was still pretty good…

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