In 1987 Mattel introduced a wonderous toy Mad Scientist Monster Lab! “Too Gross! Too Yucky!” is what they proclaimed in their commercials. This may have been true but what I think is more like “too damn awesome!” This playset let you take monster skeletons then put monster flesh on them and then dip them into a vat and watch their flesh sizzle off! Now that was a  real toy!

 Even better yet.. was the Mad Scientist “Dissect an Alien” kit from 1986 which well let you open up and alien and take out his internal organs. Inside the alien was, you guessed it some slime or as the Mad Scientist called it glowing alien blood! Whatever!

 It’s funny how damn popular slime was in the 80’s huh? Think about it, Slimer from the Ghostbusters, The Horde Slime Pit and this slimey alien’s guts were just a few of the slimey sensations. I was lucky enough to find The Monster Lab commercial on Youtube but for some reason the Dissect an Alien commercial wasn’t there perhaps it really was TOO GROSS?!! Well if you want the full scoop on the Dissect an Alien kit check out Millionare Playboy  where you’ll find all the info on this gross toy! It’s 2009 and I think the Mad Scientist needs to bust back on the scene with some new creations!!

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