I thought I saw Night of the Creeps! I was glad I hadn’t…yet!

For years I had thought I had seen Night of the Creeps from 1986, infact I swore it was a mediocre, at best horror flick from the 80’s. I had seen the cover, T-shirts and have even talked to people though breifly about the movie as if I had seen it. Well when it arrived in the mail for me from my online dvd account, I will admit when reading the  description on the sleeve I was a little hazy on what I really remembered of it. When I started it, it was perfectly was clear. I had NEVER seen this movie before. Really now, would I EVER forget a movie from the 80’s that starts off with an opening  sequence as rad as this?! NO!

So as you can imagine being a huge fan of 80’s horror movies how exciting this night of movie watching actually was! I have pretty much convinced myself that I’ve seen every awesome 80’s horror flick there is. Well this has now changed everything. Infact recently I viewed another awesome 80’s movie called Creepozoids (which starred Linea Quigley) that blew me away too. Maybe I just need to find all the movies with the word “creep” in them huh? Night of the Creeps is your perfect homage to 50’s “space alien take over you body in a small town” movie but add a little touch of zombies and bit of John Hughes and there you have it in all it’s glory.

Anyway seeing a movie as cool as Night of the Creeps now was a true pleasure. It was like I was able to go back in time to see a lost gem & the kind of movie that made me become a fan of cheezy horror. So to see it for the first time was a real treat.  There seems to be something definately missing today in horror that the 80’s captured so well. They have tried many times to make the “high school” horror movie work today but for some reason just can’t seem to capture that vibe. Who knows maybe it’s just having grown up in the 80’s that makes me hold that era of movie making so close to my heart. Either way viewing Night of the Creeps for the first time in 2009 was a wonderous event. One that will have me combing for more lost gems that may have slipped through my fingers years ago…. 


  1. TJ

    So…in the opening sequence, is the spoken alien language also subtitled in the same alien language? Seems redundant. Unless it’s subtitled in a *different* alien language. Y’know, in case the movie also had a theatrical release on Venus.

    Also, I love how the bouquet of roses is smashing through the window. Must be a very hardy variety.

  2. konales

    That is very true about the alien subtitles…I have wondered the same. Have you seen the alternate ending of the movie. It was released on the DVD recently. I remember a long time ago while sitting at Moto-Mart talking to Bill Tanguay, he asked if I have been to the used vid store recently, cause there was a copy of Night of the Creeps there…

    I immediately stood up and walked out of Moto-Mart, never said a word, and went and bought the movie. My mind instantly locked on to this objective…mission: obtain Night of the Creeps!

    • petersaturday

      I need this on dvd. I still can’t beleive I never saw this until now! However I am glad…The opening sequence subtitles are quite perplexing!

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