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Arnim Zola Revealed in Upcoming Cap Movie!!

Ok first off sorry if it suddenly seems as if I have been slackin’ on the blogging lately! I have been working like crazy ever since I got back from my cross country road trip! So anyway I just found out about this today so pardon me if for some reason this is old news to you. It seems that there has been a new villain announced for the new  upcoming Captain America movie, Arnim Zola!!!

I will say this is fantastic news as I wasn’t sure if it’d only be the Red Skull cap was up against. So today I find out that little guy Toby Jones (Infamous, Harry Potter) will be portraying the legenday villain! Continue reading


Scarlett’s Widow revealed..

I just saw the new pics from the Iron Man movie that were just released but there was only one that was of any real excitement. We’ve all seen pics of Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Mickey Rourke as Whiplash so naturally it was pretty cool to see Scarlett Johansson  as The Black Widow. It looks like they got her classic look right which I guess isn’t too hard since she just has to have some guns, red hair and leather body suit. But still you never know with Hollywood these days-I mean they couldn’t even get Wolverine’s claws to look right in the last movie! Check this out…  

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Iron Man & War Machine Arrive…

I looks like War Machine will be in the new Iron man sequel. I guess Terrence Howard really does have something to be upset about! It seems Don Cheadle got lucky as the Iron Man 2 poster which was just unveiled today at Yahoo Movies shows Iron Man and War Machine back to back. Personally I get pretty annoyed when sequels arrive with new actors replacing others from the previous movies. Since Terrence Howard will always hold a special place in my heart for his perfromance in Hustle & Flow, one of the best movies ever, I am still a bit annoyed he was replaced. Either way we’ll see how Iron Man 2 turns out so far it’s looking like a pretty decent follow up to a movie that I had originally had pretty low expectations for. Lets hope Iron Man 2 lives up to all the hype…