I want my own pair of Incredible Hulk Shoes!

                                               So does anyone have a pair of these in my size?

hulk shoes

These are pretty amazing huh? I found this pic on http://www.incrediblehulkonline.com/hulkjewelry.html where you can check out a section called Hulk Fashion that literally made me drool. Some pretty amazing vintage Hulk stuff shown there!

Plus check out this commercial from 1980 for the Incredible Hulk shoes shown above! Yeah I know you’ve seen some recent Hulk shoes that were inspired by the movies and I must say they looked pretty terrible. I’d like to get my hands on a pair of 9 and 1/2 Hulk shoes. I wonder if they made them in adult sizes? May have to check ebay for that and a pair of Hulk Underoos!


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