Revisting “the Brood”…

David Cronenberg is still making great movies to this day. Many people know him mainly for A History of Violence, Eastern Promises or even his classic The Fly, which is just simply one of the best horror movies ever made. But let’s not forget about one of his most frightening films from the late 70’s. The Brood. There is always something completely eerie and off about his movies and this one thrives on both. In fact throughout nearly the whole movie you you’ll be trying to peice things together that clearly seem to make no sense and don’t fit.


The plot is a strange one indeed. An bizarre psychotherapist creates a technique called “psychoplasmics.” His patients suffer through radical sessions with him allowing their negative emotions to cause physical changes to their bodies. The first patient shown was a man abused by his father and  develops welts over his body as an expression of his pain. Other patients develop strange tumors in reactions to the psychoplasmics. 

brood 2

The therapist is also treating a woman, Nola who’s dealing with negative emotions from her childhood involing her mother and her separation with her husband Frank who watches over their 9 year old daughter Candice. Strange killings start happening by what appear to be dwarf-like creatures and the rest of the movie is simply awesome. The final act of the movie is Cronenberg at his best and when everything syncs together you’ll best truely awe-struck and completely grossed out.  

brood 3

If you’re looking for a good horror flick to rewatch check this out. It’s just as good a second or third time. What I was suprised most about is how many of my friends had never seen this movie. This was Cronenbergs breakthrough movie in 1979 that set the stage for his filmaking to be truely appreciated by the masses.It gatehred alot of controversy that year for it’s fianl sequence. This film made Bravo’s “100 scariest movie moments” list at #78 and made the list on the “Chicago Film Critics Association’s “100 Scariest Movies of All-Time”. With them both I will have to agree……


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