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1978, the Year of The Incredible Hulk’s Elastic RAGE?!!

I’m all about some Hulkin’ out retro style! So I ran across this awesome old 1987 Incredible Hulk “Rage Cage” toy commercial where you literally pump the Hulk up to get his aggression level maxed out so he can break himself out of damn cage. Like even the calmest Hulk would be able to bust those bars, but hey it’s the effort here by the toymaker here that’s so charming. They just don’t make em like this anymore true believers! Check it out!

Ok well still not satisfied? Let’s check out this one, where for some reason The Hulk & Spider-man are endowed with the elastic super power of Reed Richards?!! Ok well whatever-this commercial is what it’s all about when it comes to simpler times! Check THIS shit out!!



Vintage Star Trek Mego Action Figures! Plus the History of Mego!!

I was walking to work today and passed by a giant tree with a huge bulbous moss covered root system and all around it were a bunch of action figures set up, no kids there playing just the action figures hiding out. For a split second I was transported back to simpler times when I was a kid and the highlight of my life was playing with awesome action figures all day and running around outside trying to find the coolest places for them to adventure! Ahhh to be a kid, how wonderful it truly was.

Well I decided to check out some action figure commercials on Youtube and came across this awesome collection of Mego Star Trek Action Figures commercials. As I watched them I imagined all of the cool spots today that I could play with these guys. Check this out:

Yep, I played sooo much with Mego Action figures they were my favorite and so naturally i found it incredibly awesome that someone had mad a Youtube video about the history of Mego!! If you were as a big a fan as I was then this will be pretty interesting for you as well. There is a reason why they are still called the world’s greatest action figures!!

Vintage Elastic Superheroes STILL Rule!!

Stretch Armstrong and Stretch Monster were all the rage in the 70’s and early 80’s, so natural Marvel & Mego had to get on board with the trend! Sure having Stretch Spider-man and Hulk really didn’t make any sense!


To me it would at least make sense to have a Mr. Fantastic stretch figure wouldn’t it?! I guess they did it far later in the game, but still these were a time when toys really were something special-either that or I’m just a nostalgic geek!!

Finally Mr. Fantastic from 2005, not sure if he was filled with the weird goo that the ones from the 70’s were though!



he’s a regular pussy cat!!

Holy crap was Fonzie the coolest dude ever or what!! Check out this amazing 1977 commercial for the Mego line Happy Days action figures for “Fonzie’s Garage”! I had no idea they made action figures for Happy Days it makes me wonder what else they did back then? Well anyway all I have to say about this is “Aaaayyyyyy!”

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The Hulk & Spider-man busy doing some loggin’!

This commercial is just so rad. The Giant Megos were so damn cool I had both Spider-man and the Hulk! In fact as I am typing this I am looking at my giant Hulk Mego I still own from being a little kid. He is missing his torn white shirt (that’s ok the Hulk never sported a white shirt in the comics anyway) but luckily still has those snazzy purple trousers intact. Anyway this particular toy gave me years of fun and was one of my all time favorites. Seeing this commercial brought back some memories of being a kid back when life was a lot less stressful and filled with magic. I will tell you however that when i played with the Hulk he didn’t walk around helping Spidey carry logs in the woods-no way he was kicking major toy action figure ass!! check this out:

that great black super hero!

Hey what i wouldn’t give to have all these Megos! Check out out the little blurbs they say about each of them and how the Falcon is simply “that great black super hero”. It’s funny that “Tarzan of the Apes” is for some reason included here and that The Thing’s clothing (which isn’t even the same color as his head) is actually his rock body! Another thing that’s pretty weird is that the narrator seems to think Mr. Fantastic has the power of invisibility too!? Oh yeah check out Conan the Barbarians afro too-dope! Either way you spin it these are probably the coolest action figures of all time…