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1978, the Year of The Incredible Hulk’s Elastic RAGE?!!

I’m all about some Hulkin’ out retro style! So I ran across this awesome old 1987 Incredible Hulk “Rage Cage” toy commercial where you literally pump the Hulk up to get his aggression level maxed out so he can break himself out of damn cage. Like even the calmest Hulk would be able to bust those bars, but hey it’s the effort here by the toymaker here that’s so charming. They just don’t make em like this anymore true believers! Check it out!

Ok well still not satisfied? Let’s check out this one, where for some reason The Hulk & Spider-man are endowed with the elastic super power of Reed Richards?!! Ok well whatever-this commercial is what it’s all about when it comes to simpler times! Check THIS shit out!!



In the 60’s “Cookie Man” Protected the Earth’s Cookies From Evil Greedy Puppet Monsters!?!

One thing i love is an old vintage commercial! Here today we’ve got one from the 1960’s for Chips Ahoy cookies that features the original superhero Cookie Man in all of his glory! I love that he protects cookies from all the evil weird ass puppet monsters of the world! Those monsters are truly things of nightmares!! Damn! Check it!

Vintage STAR TREK Commercials: Finger Lickin’ Good?!

You can pretty much use Star Trek to sell anything! Simply because of how god damn awesome it is!

As proof of this today I am offering up a few old school Star Trek related TV commercials from way back when-check these out!

First Star Trek and KFC! Wow a good Kirk look-a-like huh? But is that the real Scotty?!!

Next Star Trek and ATARI 2600! Wow the game looks so advanced huh? No wonder they need the special controller adaptor! That’s some advanced shit!!

The cutest Western Airlines commercial! Shatner & Nimoy on vacation! How amazing would it be to find out you’ve been seated next two these two jokers!! Truly Priceless!!!

Lastly a quick Hallmark commercial-hell even Spock needs to go Christmas Shoppin’!

Hair Loss in the 80’s is Awesome!

I am not sure what made me thing of a few of these commercials from the 80’s but one thing I know is that they’re pretty damn amusing! Check this shit out for some of the ridiculous ways people tried to battle hair loss back then!

Hmm…I’m not so sure no one noticed his full head of hair come back!! Continue reading

I am not the only Creep Out There!

Sometimes I think I am the only one with the creepy thoughts. Not that I would act on them or anything, but they give me a good laugh from time to time. Over the last couple years, I have noticed that I am not alone in the universe. There are other creep out there…and there appears to be a large number making commercials. Here is quick collection of newer commercials that just have creepy aspects to them. These may not be the perfect examples of the series of commercials (meaning following a product line or particular brand), but I think you have to agree. If you have some others that you recommend and find the creep factor to be a bit high…please send along!

And now…Enjoy!


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