I am not the only Creep Out There!

Sometimes I think I am the only one with the creepy thoughts. Not that I would act on them or anything, but they give me a good laugh from time to time. Over the last couple years, I have noticed that I am not alone in the universe. There are other creep out there…and there appears to be a large number making commercials. Here is quick collection of newer commercials that just have creepy aspects to them. These may not be the perfect examples of the series of commercials (meaning following a product line or particular brand), but I think you have to agree. If you have some others that you recommend and find the creep factor to be a bit high…please send along!

And now…Enjoy!


So this first one I frequent during the early hours while doing my workouts and watching the Cartoon Network. This Gushers fruit snacks commercial is not as much creepy as it is icky. The gushing juices are just so think and voluminous…and when they begin to mix all of the primary colors…you get by far the ickiest color, brown, especially when a thick spraying liquid. There is just too much gushing in this commercial.

Not to mention, the fruit by the foot “hand” at the end…creepy…

One thing I have always found to be creepy is exaggerated heads and body parts that are made out of glossy plastic. There is something “blow-up doll” about these features that just makes me cringe. I believe one of the abusers of this great physical effect are the Capri Sun Disrespectoid commercials. Again, these are on Cartoon Network like every 15 minutes. The first is way too large of bobble headed kid…creep.

The second is one endearingly called Boing Boing Betty…creep!

That kid is having way too much fun riding that creep of a statue boingy girl thing…ick…

Along the same lines, and the clear dominator of the plastic head creepiness…oh yeah, you guessed it…the King from the BK commercials. Creep…Class A, number 1, the head cheese…CREEP!

My god, that commercial is disturbing. If I woke to that fuck in my bed…there would be broken plastic head all over my sheets and me crying in the corner…

Yeah, if this plastic douche pulled this on me in the middle of the night…death to creep!

Try that air horn on me you polymer headed monster…

So despite my hours of lost sleep over these creepy commercials, if you have some favs…make sure to recommend…I love creeps.


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