Creepozoids Delivered hard!

So the other night I recieved a movie in the mail that was apparently in my Blockbuster  Online (Yeah I am not  a Netflix dude since there is a Blockbuster a couple blocks away) account for probably a year or so. So when “Creepozoids” arrived in the mail I was definately intrigued. Especially since Linnea Quigley was the big name in this one. Yeah, Linnea “Dance on Your Grave in Return of the Living Dead”  Quigley was the actual star power of this flick! I love really shitty horror sci-fi movies. And yes this one delivered the goods! Post apocolytic horror from the 80’s.




I was surprised how many of my friends had NEVER seen this cool ass movie. I love the “man in rubber suit” monster movies more than anyone I know (except for maybe fellow dorker Konales). But get this, not only does Linnea get naked (with some super douche in a shower-duh) in this one but there’s a super stupid plot, a  wretched monster and  a bad ass animatronic puppet (I love puppets too!) baby spawn that steals the show of this terd for the last act of the movie! I will say upon watching this all by my lonesome I was already thinking about ebay-ing this to get a copy for myself at home!


So here’s a heads up for everyone looking for a great unknown classic from the 80’s. I myself feel, when I come across something this cool that I have never viewed before from that time period that I’m pretty damn privileged! So everyone get your Netflix ready to check out a classic, Linea will be there doing what she does best, proving the 80’s was the best time to make a horror classic that only you and I would ever really appreciate….



  1. konales

    Oh yeah, you called it…I have seen this classic. This is a great b-horror flick. I love the effects in this, great gore. And the turd baby is a classic. It was funny, I saw the intro to the trailer and it took me right back. Yeah! Any time they do the black crap out the mouth…I love it. In fact, I always remember my mom not letting me rent Creepozoids because of the cover of the VHS tape (yes, I said VHS tape), it looks so 70’s Frezetta Conan in style. So I just waited and rode my bike to the video store and rented whatever I wanted.

    I would always get this movie screwed up with two other classics of the time…

    The Terror Within…oddly similar movie, post apocalyptic alien/mutant movie with underground survivors…even with pregnant mutant babe’s! I just relived this great flick about 6 months ago…late night on Syfy!

    And then there is Galaxy of Terror (with Robert Englund!). That is space exploring gone wrong, and a very large worm thing screwing some chic! Yeah! Way too weird for a 11 yr old, but I loved it. I got to go out and relive this one also. I remember it being kinda trippy for some reason.

  2. konales

    Yeah, came in the mail…watched it…yeah, creeps! Creepoziods did deliver hard…true that. Man that turd baby at the end will just not die. And Linnea Quigley acts just about the same in this movies as in Return of the Living Dead. Lastly, look up the Director of this flick. Dave DeCoteau…wow, been doing bad and questionable flicks for quite some time…many worth checking out, I have to scourer through this list when I get a chance as well.

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