Wolverine: Origins #39 – Romulus finally revealed!

It’s been a long road to for Wolverine to finally meet his mega arch nemesis “Romulus” in the flesh but today in Wolverine : Origins #39 it finally happens at least on the last full page of the comic. Yes we finally see Romulus in the flesh! He, well, looks kinda like what should be either Wolverine’s older brother or father mixed with the ultra old rat “Nicodemus” from The Secret of Nimh. He’s about twice Wolverine’s size and has four, most likely adamantium claws.

Romulus Wolverine 2

So was it worth the wait? I guess he pretty much fits the bill as to what I expected but personally I was hoping for a villain who appearance wise would be much more frightening. He’s nothing too incredibly shocking at least yet. But this next issue better be good because it’s been like a two & a half year wait to even get a glimpse of this brand new “ultimate” Wolverine villain. It looks like it’s gonna be an all out battle with Wolvie using the Muramasa blade to put and end to Romulus once and for all(I highly doubt it).

wolverine origins

Supposedly in this issue Wolverine’s enemies have been trying to kill each other off and prove themselves worthy of being Romulus’s successor. It’s stated that of them all Wolverine has been most efficiently getting the job done as he took out Sabretooth and Nuke without knowing Romulus was watching. And he proves himself again in this particular issue killing off Omega Red. Also meeting his demise in this issue is one of my personal favorite villains, Wild Child.

Wild_Child_3 I like John Byrne’s creepier version of Wild Child much better than today’s new “Hot Topic” version

Perhaps it’s his roots in the original Byrne Alpha Flight series of the 80’s but either way I’m glad he’s been getting back into Wolvie’s business by way of Romulus who restored and enhanced his powers. Too bad by mid issue he’s thrown into molten lava by Omega Red. I’m sure this issue will not be the last of Omega or Wild Child.

This series makes me wonder how long Romulus will be with us all? Is he going to make it into Wolverine hall of fame of bad guys or is he going to be dealt with quick. He’d better stick around if we’re really all supposed to beleive this entire time he’s been orchestrating all of the events in Wolverine’s life. Lets hope next issue proves that this villain was treuly worth the wait!



  1. 1frombeyond

    Wow. A Wolverine character even lamer than Daken. Let me guess: A Future version of Wolverine that…no wait, an alternate future, ‘Lupine’, hyper-evolved (thumb claws, dude) version of Wolverine has traveled back to the birth of Log…err, Howlett, and decided to mastermind everything that’s been written so far about our favorite (former) canucklehead? Well, I just have one question. How did Romulus manage to find time to dye his bangs during all of this???

    • petersaturday

      Romulus was actually really lame! I hope it was revealed that he really wasn’t orchestrating all wolverines life events. That must suck being Wolverine and finding out that Lame Brain was the guy behind it all! It’s like finding out that your ultimate nemesis is Ronald Mcdonald!

  2. EccentricSage

    I stopped collecting Marvel back when they canceled half their titles, pretty much all the titles I liked.

    Wildchild is a favorite character, though, so when someone described him as looking like a ‘bondage elf’ and kicking Wolverine’s ass, I just had to go looking. XD

    I’m not sure how I feel about all this. I’m thankful as hell Wildchild was salvaged from the obnoxious bullshit that was Weapon X. I’m glad to see him in the big leagues again.

    On the other hand, I’m hoping he’s not dead, and that this writer who’s supposedly an expert on Wolverine’s back story will eventually remember that Wildchild is not some random goon he picked up and actually has a history with Wolverine. Seriously. Guy re-writes Wolverine’s back story, creates a so-called uber boss baddy, and forgets a detail like that? Does he not know how to google?

    This whole thing with Wolverine really is looking pretty lame. Really… one writer is going to kill off legendary villains like Sabertooth to build up to this silly looking villain he pulled out of his ass? I’m kind of doubting anyone is going to stay dead for long. Except maybe Wildchild. B-listers always get kicked around. For once I’d like to see him written to his full potential, weather as a tragic villain or redeemed hero.

    • petersaturday

      I agree fully-Wildchild is a rad character and I hope this isn’t the end of him! I’d love to see a storyline that shows us all wolverine as he trained in canada to lead alpha flight. He trained Wildchild and it’d be cool to see exactly what their relationship really is!

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