The Frog, The Dog & The Devil??

So last night I went out for a few drinks with fellow Universal Dorker James Hall and while at the bar, Beulahland here in Portland they were playing some awesome obscure cartoons on the projector as they always do on monday nights. One of the cartoons shown was an amazing short New Zealand film from 1986 called “The Frog, The Dog and The Devil” which I had never seen before.

 While they showed this cool cartoon however, they were playing music in the background so you couldn’t hear any of the dialogue. So I figured if I came home and checked it out on Youtube that I’d have a much better understanding of what this film was actually all about. Well, no such luck! Though it was on Youtube (yay!) hearing it with it’s original soundtrack did not make this any easier to understand. Mind you I did have a few at the bar so maybe I’m just missing something? I tried to find more info about it online and didn’t come up with too much more than a blank IMDB page.

Either way this is an amazing cartoon everyone should check out. It obviously has alot to do with drinking, a frog, a dog and the supernatural. Perhaps you can make your own assumptions about what this short really means. Either way if  you are a fan of obscure animation this one is for you….

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