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Vintage STAR TREK Commercials: Finger Lickin’ Good?!

You can pretty much use Star Trek to sell anything! Simply because of how god damn awesome it is!

As proof of this today I am offering up a few old school Star Trek related TV commercials from way back when-check these out!

First Star Trek and KFC! Wow a good Kirk look-a-like huh? But is that the real Scotty?!!

Next Star Trek and ATARI 2600! Wow the game looks so advanced huh? No wonder they need the special controller adaptor! That’s some advanced shit!!

The cutest Western Airlines commercial! Shatner & Nimoy on vacation! How amazing would it be to find out you’ve been seated next two these two jokers!! Truly Priceless!!!

Lastly a quick Hallmark commercial-hell even Spock needs to go Christmas Shoppin’!

Star Trek the movie = epic.

I had alot of doubts about the new Star Trek motion picture and like you may all know I’m pretty picky when it comes to the the things that I hold dear to me being put onto the big screen. I went into Star Trek with an open mind however and left the theater with my mind blown, already wanting a sequel! I must say Mr. Abrams was truely the man for the job, completely breathing exciting new life into the Star Trek franchise. This incredible movie exceeded all of my expectations. In fact it may even go down for me as the best Trek film ever.

star trek!

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