The Hulk & Spider-man busy doing some loggin’!

This commercial is just so rad. The Giant Megos were so damn cool I had both Spider-man and the Hulk! In fact as I am typing this I am looking at my giant Hulk Mego I still own from being a little kid. He is missing his torn white shirt (that’s ok the Hulk never sported a white shirt in the comics anyway) but luckily still has those snazzy purple trousers intact. Anyway this particular toy gave me years of fun and was one of my all time favorites. Seeing this commercial brought back some memories of being a kid back when life was a lot less stressful and filled with magic. I will tell you however that when i played with the Hulk he didn’t walk around helping Spidey carry logs in the woods-no way he was kicking major toy action figure ass!! check this out:

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