Saturday Morning cartoons and sugary cereal…ah the memories…

Oh man sometimes I REALLY wish I was a kid again and could wake up saturday mornings for some amazing cartoons like Spider-man and His Amazing friends, Dungeons & Dragons, The Incredible Hulk, and one that I loved that many people have forgotten about, The Herculoids!!


This cartoon was so rad and originally came out in the late 60’s. Three humans Zandar, Tarra and Zorno lived on the planet Azmot (or Quasar when it was relauched in the 80’s) and hung out with the rad alien monsters Zok, Igoo, Tundro, Gloop & Gleep and later the Gozilla like monster Saju. Together they were The Herculoids and they kicked major ass~! Defending their planet from evil invaders and space creatures this cartoon was so bad ass new episodes came back on the air in the 1980’s(this was when i got into it) and reruns of the older one also were run. I used to grab a huge bowl of Cheerios sneak a bunch of extra sugar on top while my mom wasn’t looking and set up camp about two feet away from the TV screen. What’s to stop me from doing that again? hmmmm…maybe next weekend I will buy some Lucky Charms get up early and see what the hot cartoons are now. For some reason i highly doubt they will hold a candle to The Herculoids….

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