Greatest Comic book themed music videos! Vanilla Ice & The Turtles?!

Hmmmm…the Ninja Rap music video!

A true classic and even though I can appreciate it for how cheezy it is it’s still hard for me to get fully behind having read the original series by Eastman & Laird in the 80’s that my older brother at the time was collecting. It’s strange that many people don’t know that at one time the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kicked major ass. They were bad ass vigilantes that drew blood and beat the living shit out of the Shredder in the first story arc.

These Turtles pictured here from the original 80’s comic book would have tore Vanilla Ice a new asshole…

Dark and gritty, this original 80’s comic book blew my mind as a kid. Not only was it violent but it was completely original and fresh. I was surprised later when it became somewhat a joke and the turtles were reduced to mere pizza eating buffoons. I highly suggest seeking out the first trade paperback that collects the very first arc in the series-you won’t be let down.


It makes me wish even more that someday TMNT will go back to their roots and give us an amazing epic violent kung fu flick. I’m not holding my breath. Either way the Ninja Turtles movies were pretty damn fun and this wretched rap song by Vanilla Ice RULES in the worst way possible…..

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