Roger Rabbit Returns….

Over the weekend it was revealed that Robert Zemekis is indeed bringing Roger Rabbit back to the big screen. There hasn’t been too much solid info revealed on the sequel except that movie will be penned by it’s original writers Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price. There has been talk of making the movie partailly in 3-D and using motion capture for all characters other than the cartoons in a recent interview I saw at Something is starting to sound a little well how can I put it quite simply? Lame!


So wasn’t the charm of the first movie the fact that the Toons were existing in the real world? So now with a sequel we’re going to get Roger and Jessica Rabbit running around CG “polar express” characters and most likely back drops? This is just beginning to sound like a bad idea all together. I really dislike when people take something that was great and decide to update it for the masses. Trying to keep it hip, slick and cool. Sometimes the charm of something doesn’t have to be cutting edge. I think if these directors actually took the time to think about what the fans want to see there wouldn’t be such a huge problem with movies like the Star Wars prequels or the most recent Indiana Jones which upset most of their biggest fans. Now they are trying to bring back the nostalgia that everyone wants to relive but doing it all wrong with cutting edge “technology”. I’ll have an open mind about this new Roger Rabbit film but somehow it’s already beginning to smell like a flaming turd…. 


  1. anotherworldcitizen

    I loved the first film, and I am both surprised and intrigued by the talk of a sequel 21 years later. I really hope it isn’t lame, but I fear that like Frankenstein, bringing this story back to life may be monstrous.

    • petersaturday

      I agree the first one was a classic! why cahnge the formula for the second one? I have heard rumors of the Dark Crystal 2 being done with puppets and complete CG enviroments….

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