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Two Rare Christmas Fright Flicks You’ve Never Seen Before!

I’ve been trying to find some cool different movies this week for a Christmas horror movie night this weekend and I’ve gotta tell ya’ aside from the go to standards like (Black Christmas, Rare Exports, Silent Night Deadly Night, etc.) the pickin’s are pretty dang slim! There’s a serious shortage of cool weird ass fun Holiday flicks out there (however there are quite few unwatchable messes) but doing the research I’ve found two that I need to see, hopefully before Christmas is upon us this year!


First up is an odd movie way back from 1984 called “Tales of the Third Dimension”. This anthology was apparently released originally in 3-D & from what I gather the third and final story “Visions of Sugar Plums” which just happens to be the Christmas story is the only segment that’s well worth watching.


It involves two kids being dropped off at their Grandma’s house during Christmas the bad news is that Granny’s almost out of meds! So Granny loses her mind and then all sorts of crazy shit goes down, I could only find one clip on Youtube but it’s a damn good one. I’d like to get my hands on this full episode I’ve only seen it for sale on Amazon but it’s got a cool ass movie poster as well. This one could be worth the trouble of hunting down if you’re looking for something new this year!

Second I found a french movie from 1989 that looks pretty amazing called “Deadly Games” or “Game Over” or “3615 Hide and Freak” or it’s original title “3615 code Pere Noel”. This one looks pretty incredible and I actually tracked down a copy online and I’m hoping it gets here before Christmas.


This movie’s pretty unknown here in the USA but many see it as a darker version of “Home Alone” even though this one was filmed and released before. It’s described as a mix between Home Alone and Rambo boasting some dynamic action sequences.


The main character is rich kid who’s mansion home is invaded by an incredibly creepy down on his luck psycho in a Santa costume. The kid gets suited up in his army duds and paints his face all camo as he sets up deadly traps all over and tries to protect his Grandpa from the attacker.


It looks like quite an adventure and I’m always game for a cool 80’s flick done in that old school Amblin style. You can watch the whole thing on You Tube, but unfortunately it’s all in German. Check out this rad trailer!







Is M. Night Shyamalan Really THAT Bad?!!

So the news is out M. Night Shyamalan has won multiple awards this year at the Razzies. The M. Night action-flick, which was razzed on by critics upon its release last year, won for Worst Director, Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay, Worst Supporting Actor and a brand new category — Worst Eye-gouging Misuse of 3-D. Wow harsh huh? There was a time when Night was considered a genius.

I have to say personally The Last Airbender was pretty mediocre-and I honestly never even got around to even finishing watching the movie. But worst movie of 2010?? No way. Yeah it did indeed suck in a hard way-but I’d say it was leaps and bounds better than anything Adam Sandler put out last year!

So what gives with Night now days? Is he really THAT bad? Continue reading

Go Find The Hole!!

I finally got to see the latest Joe Dante movie last night! Needless to say “The Hole” was everything I was hoping for it to be and more! The only problem is that this great little movie hasn’t been released here in the USA yet-so I found a copy of it on Ebay, and import copy to be more precise. It has been released abroad in 3-D in theaters but has yet to hit the states-and I have been wondering if it will indeed ever make it to theaters?

Well I will tell you this much-it’s exactly what you want out of a Joe Dante flick-just a lot of great fun! A horror movie that’s a throw back to old classics like Gremlins, Poltergeist and The Gate! Continue reading

James Cameron on the Fantastic Voyage??

Ok first off I wanna say I’m sorry for the lull in the blogs for the past few days but I am temporarily out of internet service which can make blogging a bit difficult! Hopefully this will be resolved by the weekend but for the moment I am catching a wireless signal on my roomie’s laptop! So I figured I should at least put up a quick blog!

Anyway it’s news to me but today I found out that there is indeed going to be a remake of one of my all time fav sci fi movies: Fantastic Voyage! If you have yet to see the original you best rent that as soon as possible as it is truly fantastic. The 1966 movie is pretty amazing as a submarine and it’s crew are shrunk down and injected in to the body of a dying man racing against time to repair a blood clot in his brain. The only problem is after an hour inside the body it’s immune system will be able to detect them. Now imagine this movie made in 1966-no cg. You might think it’d be a simply ridiculous looking movie. Not the case, for it’s time and even now I’d say the movie still has some great visuals and a helluva alot of charm. Continue reading

New JAWS in the Water! Piranha Trailer hits!

I have been waiting sometime for the Alex Aja’s remake of Piranha and now the trailer has finally officially hit! One reason why I have been so pumped is because it seems Mr. Aja has made some pretty excellent horror films in his short career. The first being “High Tension” which was pretty awesome, The Hills Have Eyes remake which was also great and the not so fantastic Mirrors starring Kiefer Sutherland. Hey two out of three ain’t bad!


Anyway I know that 3-D movies now a days are a dime a dozen these days Continue reading

Bendis Involved With Spider-Man Reboot??

It seems there are some rumours flying about legendary Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis apparently getting involved with the new Spider-Man reboot film! This sounds like a step in the right direction right? I must admit I am a HUGE fan of some of Bendis’s work. Particularly his run on Daredevil which was absolutely epic. His Avengers run started out brilliantly but eventually just lost it’s charm and now today I’m not sure just how much I trust his judgement anymore. I better watch my words though here, beacause I see him around town here in Portland, where he resides, regularly riding his bike! That’s not to say he’s not one of the best comic story tellers of current times and I must admit I am quite happy to hear that he’s being involved somehow since he has been writing Ultimate Spider-Man for like a 10 years…

Bendis Tweeted this recently: Continue reading

Are you ready for Gremlins 3 in 3-D??

Rumors are running wild now about another old classic movie franchise getting some life blown back into it! This time it’s Gremlins that’s supposedly getting a third installment. To me this is already sounding like a bad idea. It could just be because the original Gremlins has a special nostalgic place in my heart as I am sure it does to many other people. It doesn’t however surprise me in the least that this film is reportedly in the early stages of development. With the arrival of  Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (which I personally enjoyed, the direct to video Lost Boys 2 (which was just a shame direct to dvd flaming turd), George Lucas recently saying after seeing Avatar he’d like to remake Star Wars (please noooo!) and recent news of Ghostbusters 3 it was only a matter of time before Gremlins caught the same trend.

The problems I am see so far is that first off,  none of the original cast has yet been asked back. Continue reading

Roger Rabbit Returns….

Over the weekend it was revealed that Robert Zemekis is indeed bringing Roger Rabbit back to the big screen. There hasn’t been too much solid info revealed on the sequel except that movie will be penned by it’s original writers Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price. There has been talk of making the movie partailly in 3-D and using motion capture for all characters other than the cartoons in a recent interview I saw at Mtv.com. Something is starting to sound a little well how can I put it quite simply? Lame!


So wasn’t the charm of the first movie the fact that the Toons were existing in the real world? Continue reading

3-D Bloody RULES!!!

Yesterday i went to see the brand spankin’ new remake of “My Bloody Valentine” in 3-D and i must say it was worth every penny. i must admit though i have never actually seen the original version of the movie-but i do intend to. The plot is pretty simple, coal miner Harry Warden is trapped in a tragic mining accident and ends up being the only survivor winding up in a coma as a result of it. A year later he awakens on Valentine’s Day and slaughters 2 dozen people as he makes his escape from the hospital only to be “killed” by two local police officers. Fast forward 10 years and the killer is supposedly back in the small town of Harmony (where this all took place originally), dressed as a masked miner, armed with a pick axe and ready to do some damage.

Oh yeah, the only thing that really sucked about this movie was all the flying glass that i had to pull out of my skin afterwards…
Continue reading