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JOKERMANIA: The Joker Returns In More Than One way!

Damn there’s a lot of Joker news going around these days, first and foremost the release of the upcoming solo ‘Joker’ movie’s trailer that dropped today! Joaquin Phoenix stars as the clown prince of crime and if you haven’t seen it check it out now:

I’m totally impressed with all I’m seeing here with Phoenix’s take. It’s looks totally intriguing and so far of all the movie Jokers I actually think Phoenix looks most like the actual comic book version of the character. He lost a TON of weight for the role and finally we see a much thinner version of the character more in line with his comic book look, instead of say Nicholson’s more “husky” version and Leto’s “jacked up Juggalo frat boy” style Joker. Add to this the fact that Phoenix is a grade A actor with the chops and then some to make this more than some glossy CGI superhero flick. I think there’s also a truly mysterious quality to this new movie, as it’s not connected to anything out there in the current DCEU. Is Batman somewhere out there in this version of Gotham? Is this the start of a whole new DC movie universe altogether? It’s odd because we, not too long ago, were just introduced to a new Joker in Suicide Squad. So this random Joker flick certainly came out of left field. So far I’m fully invested and going as far to say this one is one of my most anticipated movies of 2019. What do you think? 

…..So there’s yet ANOTHER new Joker as well that’s set to appear in the season finale of the Gotham Tv series and boy thhis one looks pretty damn crazy literally. The Joker appears to be some sort of psychotic burn victim and is yet another pretty damn bizarre version of the character. Again I should say I’ll literally take anything to avoid more Jared Leto Joker! I’ll admit I’ve never watched Gotham simply because I tend to avoid shows that are are on regular TV as I find most to be bland as hell. This though raises the level of interest and just maybe I’ll give it a shot!

Still one of my favorite and overlooked Jokers remains to be from the legendary Batman Dead End short film from 2003 and feature the Joker played by the late Andrew Koenig. The look of the Joker here is ripped straight out of the comics. If you’ve never seen it check it out, it’s a TON of fun and has plenty of twists!!



The Real Hangover 2 : Return To Paradise!

I know everyone has gone completely crazy about “The Hangover 2” a sequel I have yet to see. I did however see the first movie and I will admit it had a few good laughs-though hearing about The Hangover 2’s plot really got me thinking about another movie which I love. However it also makes me hope that the boys in the third upcoming film highly consider NOT going to Malaysia for the next party!

It seems to me that people who are looking for a little more realism (I’m not sure there are any looking but what the hell huh?!) in the upcoming Hangover 3 sequel need to check out “Return to Paradise” starring Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix! Nope it’s really NOT a comedy But it involves 3 dudes who hang around in Malaysia only to see some of the real consequences of partyin’ hardy Americans in so called paradise.

The 1998 movie is actually pretty damn good flick and will no doubt have you on the edge of your seat. Anyway there are a lot of similarities only minus the crazy monkey…. check it out before you think of traveling abroad and fuckin’ things up in paradise like the three dudes in the Hangover!! Things could get ugly!