The Real Hangover 2 : Return To Paradise!

I know everyone has gone completely crazy about “The Hangover 2” a sequel I have yet to see. I did however see the first movie and I will admit it had a few good laughs-though hearing about The Hangover 2’s plot really got me thinking about another movie which I love. However it also makes me hope that the boys in the third upcoming film highly consider NOT going to Malaysia for the next party!

It seems to me that people who are looking for a little more realism (I’m not sure there are any looking but what the hell huh?!) in the upcoming Hangover 3 sequel need to check out “Return to Paradise” starring Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix! Nope it’s really NOT a comedy But it involves 3 dudes who hang around in Malaysia only to see some of the real consequences of partyin’ hardy Americans in so called paradise.

The 1998 movie is actually pretty damn good flick and will no doubt have you on the edge of your seat. Anyway there are a lot of similarities only minus the crazy monkey…. check it out before you think of traveling abroad and fuckin’ things up in paradise like the three dudes in the Hangover!! Things could get ugly!

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