Obscure Super Hero Movies! Hunky Vegetables!

Ok so this isn’t really that obscure of a movie, but I do know that a good number of my friends have never actually seen 1989’s Return of the Swamp Thing!!! What the hell is up with that? You do see the original Swamp Thing movie all over the place but very rarely do you see the sequel, which is actually kind of a reboot. So I say to all you people there that love super radly bad 80’s movie’s that you best be seeking this gem out!

This box office bomb has it all really, super awesome 1980’s monsters are everywhere in this movie and even better they are throwin’ down with each other constantly! What’s better really than monsters duking it out? It’s kinda like the same concept as a Godzilla movie really. Now some may argue that the movie has something even better going for it- Heather Locklear!


Yeah it’s hard to argue that she wasn’t one of the hottest 80’s chicks on the scene way back then and the fact that she’s in this movie makes her that much more rad! All in all this movie hardly takes itself seriously and that makes it all the more fun.

I have to say in comparison to Wes Craven’s take  which I love, I’d have to say this one wins the battle hands down. It really makes you appreciate those good old creature effects of the 80’s too as this one definitely improved on the first films monsters. Yeah you know this movie tries really hard to be funny too, the fact is it’s really not. Which in a weird way makes it even better!!  So if you’re looking for a good super hero flick and have never seen this don’t wait this second chapter of  Swamp Thing won’t disappoint fans of campy monster movies! However keep in mind this flick most likely makes Alan Moore wanna vomit!!!

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