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Comic Cover of the Week: Rob Liefeld Gets It Right – Part 1!

Rob Liefeld has gotten a TON of shit over the years for his highly critiqued artwork filled with bad perspective, highly exaggerated body parts, weird looking feet ect. etc. etc. Yeah we all have seen the criticisms of the guy, who at one point was basically a “rockstar” comic book artist in the 1990’s. I’ve never been a fan of his artwork, in fact a lot of his 90’s stuff (and many other artists from that era) has always made me cringe. Putting all of that aside, the guy had and still does have a ton of people who are big fans of his style. The dude is legendary whether you like it or not, so that leads me to do a little digging and give Liefeld some credit when he does some good work. All of his artwork isn’t all bad right? Well I’m going to use my ‘Comic Book Cover of the Week’ posts to showcase some of, in my opinion, Liefeld’s “hits”.  Here’s a cover by him that I always thought was actually pretty good. I especially like the way Liefeld drew Sabretooth, nice and evil looking in New Mutants #91. Liefeld doesn’t do anything too outrageous here (there may be a missing chin), I think on this one he actually did a pretty decent job. He keeps everyone’s feet nice and hidden as well….What do you think?



The Walking Dead Trailer Arrives!!

Ok so here’s the moment I have been waiting for quite some time to finally see some of the upcoming scenes from The Walking Dead television series debuting this coming October!

The comic series continues to be the best monthly title out there-with enough suspense, gore and drama to give you a coronary!! The trailer looks fantastic so far-however I am extremely surprised that they kept the 28 Days Later style beginning as that is the only thing that ever really bothered me about the comic.  So enough of my preachy blabblin’ to the choir! Let’s finally take a first look at this hopefully wonderful series that is destined to be a classic!!