The 1989 “Trial of The Hulk” Daredevil Returns in Marvel’s Netflix Series?! WTF?!

Ummm…this is a bit of an odd surprise here, we just got the official look at the new Marvel Daredevil from the upcoming Netflix series today and well it seems they’ve decided upon the 1989 “Trial of The Incredible Hulk” TV series version of the characters costume!!? I’m not kidding this is exactly the same costume design from that movie that Rex Smith wore! Which, um….wasn’t really the best interpretation of the character I’ve seen, heck I might even take the Affleck Daredevil’s maroon leather look over this one! Don’t believe me? Check out this newly released pic:


And now let’s look at the 1989 Trial of The Incredible Hulk Tv version:

Ummm…kinda Baffling huh? I guess we’ll see how this all plays out, my guess is the newly released Marvel pic above could be Daredevil’s starter costume? Like maybe it’s the first one that he puts together? If not boy that sucks!!! I wonder if John Rhys-Davies will be returning as the Kingpin?!!!




  1. Matt

    Just because whoever wrote this article lacks the background knowledge to do this… The Netflix costume (Sweater, shoes, torn suit jacket as a mask) is taken straight out of Man Without Fear. Which, I’m guessing you didn’t know, is arguably the best Daredevil storyline ever. This means amazing things for the show.

    • petersaturday

      I am well aware of that Daredevil storyline (and own the books myself) and the look you are speaking if, you however have no real proof that this may not indeed be his permanent costume. also the post was meant as a bit of Joke, as it most certainly does resemble the Trial of the Hulk costume much more so than the look from the Miller storyline!! I guess you aren’t too up on the Hulk television Daredevil…

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