What Would Wolverine’s Costume Really Look Like on the Big Screen?!

We’ve all been teased with the alternate ending of The Wolverine movie soon to be released on the unleashed extended cut of the movie which shows Hugh Jackman opening a briefcase containing his “classic” yellow costume. However it seems people in Hollywood still doubt that they could make his comic book costume look good on the big screen.


I however disagree, I say bring it on and this little episode of Super Power Beat Down(which I just first saw now) looks pretty damn cool as we see Wolverine in his yellow costume take on the Predator! Skip to the 4 minute mark in the video if you wanna skip over the the “geek” questioning on the issue of who would win between Wolverine and The Predator. It’s obvious to me Wolverine would destroy the  Predator-I mean Danny Glover, Arnold and Adrien Brody did it!


  1. Uncommon Geek

    I think having an updated version of the classic yellow suit would be a nice refresh for Wolverine. I would love to see that! And on another note, that video was a wicked fight! And I agree… Wolverine would win because if his claws and healing factor. But, not before the Predator would beat the sh*t out of him!

    • petersaturday

      yeah, I’d love to see the brown tan and black 1980’s costume too-I think that’d look amazing on the big screen!!

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