The Descent Part 3 Starring Kevin Costner!?

Ok movie fans I hope you can understand how hard it is sometimes to try and find a damn new release to watch when you’re completely spent on everything that’s been released recently. Sometimes when you’re at the video store you just gotta take a chance on a movie you’re sure is gonna be a dud. That’s where a movie like “The New Daughter” starring Waterworld superstar Kevin Costner comes into the equation. I walked around the video store for about a half hour before finally deciding the newest direct to video thriller starring Kevin Costner was going to be what me and my bottle of wine would sit and probably fall asleep to the other evening.

Yeah my friday night consisted of drying my laundry at the laundromat, drinkin’ wine alone and giving good old Costner another chance. I was curious too, has Costner even been in a theatrically released movie in the past 5 years?? Well anyway it didn’t matter as I was ready to get drunk and watch a timid generic thriller and probably dose off.

Anyway I will say the movie indeed started off like the usual PG-13 thriller, Cos moves to a new home with his son and daughter and not long after she begins to  act strangely after hearing whispers in the new house. It was totally on parin the begining with Dragonfly, which I think was the closest thing Costner has done to a horror movie. However very soon in the film I was pleasantly surprised when outside the girls room, we hear a creepy moan and then we get a glimpse of a monster crawling around on their roof!! At this point I was totally delighted and my eyes perked up-because let’s face it-every movie gets ten times better when suddenly a monster appears in it!!

So we then discover that on their property is a huge creepy mound that his kids seem to for some reason enjoy to hang out next too. Soon the daughter begins to act violently, diggin’ around in the mud at night and flat out disrepectin’ Costner any chance she gets. Soon Costner does a little research of his own and meets up with a Professor who tells him that an ancient race of creatures called “mound walkers” live on his land in the mound (duh) and are planning on mating with his daughter! So you can guess what happens next right? It’s a bit of battle between him and these weirdo pervy monsters on his land as they try and steal his daughter for what they hope ends up to be the ultimate orgy.

Anyway I was pleasantly suprised by these monsters who actually were pretty cool when you could see them-though they did remind me a bit of the Creepers from The Descent, but whatever-I never imagined this would turn into a faily enjoyable monster flick! I am NOT going to say this movie changed my life or anything I am just going to say if you’re out at the video store and completely hurting for ideas of what possibly to watch you may wanna forgive Costner for Waterworld just one more time and pick up this flick…. 


  1. Christopher

    I love costner Im adding this to my netflix now. I forgave him for water world because shit it wasnt his fault and he’s made wayy too many good movies to write him off!!

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