The First and Last Appearance of Nicotine!!

So everyone knows that smokin’ is bad for ya! Right? Well sometimes though you can easily be swayed when a dastardly supervillain named Nicotine sweet talks you with pro-smokin’ fancy talk!! After you watch this old PSA starring Superman you’ll clearly see how you sometimes need a hero to help you kick the habit! check this shit out-it’s actually a pretty awesomely animated little cartoon even if it was the first and LAST appearance of one of Superman’s greatest foes!!


  1. Christopher

    Lol but superman could smoke all day long and never have it hurt him………That is until Lex Luthor finds out about Supermans habit and starts a Lexcor Cigarette company and sells Krypton laced newports!!!

    • petersaturday

      Nice point! maybe that’s why he never started smokin?? Nicotine-needs to give it another try I think…

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